TOWERS - Roboalypse™ - Beaver Defense

What would a tower defense game be without towers? Choose from 4 different types, each with varying strengths and costs.

The basic Thermidoom model shoots robot-piercing bullets and can be upgraded into 1 of 2 different gun types – an Auto Cannon (which fires faster), or a Sniper Cannon (which has an increased range, but is slower to fire).

A powerful, mid-range cannon, the EMP shoots a blast of energy that can melt even the toughest Beaver-bot. It can be upgraded into a stronger blast, or can become a “DEAR” device - Domestic Electric Appliances Reformer, which temporarily turns targets into appliances - like toasters!

The standard tower shoots a powerful, self-guided missile at its target. The SMART upgrade (Smart Missile with Advanced Robot Tracking) can track more than one enemy simultaneously, while the SWARMs (Small Wicked Anti-Robot Missiles) shoot multiple missiles!

Great for carving robots into bite-sized pieces, the most powerful (and most expensive) weapon is the Laser tower. Lasers work great on robot-metal, allowing targets to be chain-linked together. Laser blasts lose their damage the further its target gets.