HEROES - Roboalypse™ - Beaver Defense

Heroes are the most powerful robots on the battlefield, with each having advanced weapons and special abilities. Pick one of these moving-towers and prepare for the enemy invasion!

Joe is a powerful, elite fighter who′s all red, white, and green. Equipped with Dual Chain Guns, when he really wants to turn up the juice Joe goes into Rampage Mode. When this special Ability is activated, his rate of fire increases and the enemy’s blood pressure goes up.

The Sarge is a Leader Hero, which gives him 2 Special Abilities. First, he can form a Squad – the basic soldiers on the field act as a team around Sarge at the press of an Icon. His second Ability is the War Shout, which temporarily increases the damage inflicted by the squad.

Moving very quickly, Spyder is equipped with a Converter Cannon - a cryogenic gun that can turn a robot into a refrigerator for a short time. He has two Abilities – his Stealth Mode allows him to sneak around even the toughest enemy bosses, and his Fake HQ′s allow you to distract the enemy waves temporarily.

Not surprisingly, Pyro′s main weapon is a flamethrower, affectionately called the Melter. His favorite time of battle is when he performs his Siege Mode Ability. His flamethrower gets a big power and range boost, and the marshmallows all get well-done.

Viper lives up to his name, picking off enemies with his long-range Sniper Rifle. He does this in the open or after activating his Detection Ability – where he becomes invisible for a short time. But his favorite toy is the WMD. Just when your enemy thinks they′re safe, an anvil drops from the sky!

The General is a Leader Hero, who can also form squads of basic soldiers, with his main weapon being a Chainsaw. His secondary Ability is the Demoralizing Shout, which temporarily decreases the enemy′s ability to attack… and can often send them to therapy.