NEWS - Roboalypse™ - Beaver Defense


The eagerly awaited madcap tower defense game Robocalypse – Beaver Defense is now available for download on WiiWare™ in North and South America and comes to Europe on Friday, June 4. Robocalypse – Beaver Defense features the trademark humor of the franchise thanks to writers Jay Lender (of Spongebob Squarepants™ fame) and Micah Wright, but also takes full advantage of the Wii™ system’s unique control scheme. Download Robocalypse – Beaver Defense for 600 points today.


New screens from Robocalypse – Beaver Defense are available. These screens (page 1, page 2) feature the game’s updated art design, which is reflected in some new maps, towers and enemy robots. Robocalypse – Beaver Defense will be released on Nintendo's WiiWare™ platform this fall, and features Tower-Defense styled gameplay combined with super-powered hero units and a fantastically funny story crafted by writers Jay Lender (SpongeBob Squarepants™) and Micah Wright (The Angry Beavers™).


Cubed 3 has published their interview with Alan Martin regarding Robocalypse - Beaver Defense: "The Brain Beaver is a very sympathetic villain. The reason that he is so angry with humanity is that their pollution has mutated him horribly - and as a result is unable to find love. And believe me, a beaver that can't find love can be quite nasty!" Read the whole interview here!


Nintendo Power publishes a new preview for Beaver Defense in their latest issue: "Unlike the original Robocalypse for the Nintendo DS, which was a full-fledged real-time strategy game, Beaver Defense takes a simpler track: tower defense." Read half-page preview in Nintendo Power #245 (September 2009).

Blast Magazine writes a hands-on preview stating that "I’ve got my eye on this one, as you should." You can read the whole article here.


Robocalypse – Beaver Defense secures a lot of publicity after E3, here are some highlights:

"Will this be the first good tower defense game on WiiWare?... We like what we've played so far and look forward to the continuation of this franchise." (IGN)

"It may sound like a particularly weird kid’s game, but Robacalypse is actually a very robust tower defense-style strategy title." (GameShark)

"Expect multiplayer action and, obviously, a very bizarre sense of humor." (Nintendo Power, June 2009 Issue)

"It seemed to be surprisingly popular with the E3 crowd; someone was on it nearly every time we walked past it and they definitely seemed to be enjoying themselves." (Gaming Excellence)

"If you′re looking for something that could be as fun as PopCap Games’ Plants vs. Zombies but runs a bit differently, this could totally be the game." (Destructoid)

"This is one WiiWare game that many Wii owners should definitely consider purchasing once it hits the market." (Nintendo Now)


Beaver Defense receives an award nomination in the Best of E3 strategy category from the top Canadian enthusiast site - Gaming Excellence!

And the game gets into GameShark′s "We promise* these games will rock your world!" list: "My biggest surprise of the show - this game looks absolutely awesome."


Critically acclaimed Robocalypse franchise returns in upcoming tower defense title for WiiWare!

Robocalypse – Beaver Defense is a new addition to critically acclaimed, robot warfare-themed Robocalypse™ franchise. Robocalypse – Beaver Defense will offer madcap weaponry and uproarious destruction in a tower defense-style game. Set in a world of wise-cracking, battling robots, players will need to create and strategically position static and mobile defenses to stop the waves of enemies that are intent on destroying the player's HQ. Robocalypse – Beaver Defense will offer upgradable skills, weapons, hero units and defenses to be used in single-player and up to four-player multiplayer mayhem. It is the follow up title to 2008's critically received Nintendo DS™ real-time strategy game, Robocalypse.