NEWS - Roboalypse™


"Robocalypse is easily one of the best portable strategy games out there." - says X-Play in the game review and rates Robocalypse 4 out of 5. "It′s fun, has a nice sense of humor, and the simplified control scheme works well overall."


Robocalypse is nominated for Best Writing in Nintendo Power Awards! To vote for Robocalypse visit the official 2008 Nintendo Power Awards ballot. Award winners will be announced in Nintendo Power March 2009 issue (vol. 239).


IGN′s Best of 2008 Awards week has begun and Robocalypse was nominated in three categories! Best Strategy Game, Best New IP and Most Innovative Design. Winners and Readers′ Choice Awards will be announced on January 16, 2009.


Buzzfocus reviews Robocalypse and rates the game 8.8 out of 10, saying that "Overall Robocalypse is a well designed, fun RTS, that′s a keeper for any gamer looking for a strategic game with a descent challenge factor."


GameShark rated Robocalypse A- and awarded the game with Editor′s Choice: "Robocalypse might be the best RTS available for the DS." Also, they were pleased to notice "how well developer Vogster made the game work for both casual and hardcore strategists." You can find the whole review here.

GameZone agrees with the above: "The game is bursting with personality, and while it may not be flawless, it is one of the best examples of the genre on the DS yet." In their review Robocalypse is rated 8.3 out of 10.

ZTGamedomain rates the game 8.9 out of 10 calling it "A surprisingly deep and charming DS strategy title."


Robocalypse is available in stores now and carries a suggested retail price of US $29.99. You can get your copy from local retailers or order the game online.


Robocalypse earns IGN Editors′ Choice Award! "Vogster has crafted a clever RTS with loads of humor and personality." - IGN reviews Robocalypse and rates it 8.9 out of 10. "RTS titles are a rarity on the DS, and this is a polished effort. Strategy fans shouldn′t let it go by unnoticed."


Robocalypse has gone gold and will be available in stores on November 18, exclusively for the Nintendo DS™. You can pre-order your copy of Robocalypse today at GameStop and receive a custom DS skin! Robocalypse has been rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) and will carry a suggested retail price of US $29.99.


"The story unfolds like a wacky cartoon during the dialogue sequences much like SpongeBob." - says GameSpot in Robocalypse preview: "The music and sound help emphasize the zaniness, keeping the mood lighthearted and fun."


"Aside from being an impressive technical achievement - bringing a full-fledged RTS to the DS - the game′s humor and premise grabbed our attention." - Game Informer publishes an in-depth interview with Robocalypse executive producer Michael Mendheim. The Interview covers many aspects of the game, including storyline and gameplay: "From the ground up, everything we did on this game was specifically designed for the Nintendo DS and making it simple. If a six-year-old could play it, we might have something."


Robocalypse earns the runner-up spot in IGN′s Best of E3 2008, Best Strategy Game for Nintendo DS.


Robocalypse secures a lot of publicity after E3, here are some highlights: "Robocalypse is an appealing title for anyone looking for some on-the-go strategy gaming." (GameSpot)

"Robocalypse is set for an October release on the Nintendo DS and is looking potentially like a sleeper hit." (GameZone)

"Almost every aspect of the game is imbued with a nice sense of humor, from the dialogue to the comical robot animations." (IGN)

GameTrailers also posts an Interview and a Gameplay Video.


Robocalypse will be published by Tecmo in October 2008. Tecmo will have this title on display at E3 in the Concourse Pavilion at the Los Angeles Convention Center (booth # 417/419) between July 15th and 17th.


Robocalypse is featured in June′s Game Informer and July′s Nintendo Power magazine. Nintendo Power has this to say: "Though the atmosphere is light, the game has the strategy elements of a hardcore sim."


Robocalypse is recognized as The Best Game For Portable Platforms at KRI game developers conference in Moscow. Judges honor the achievements of Vogster′s Moscow development team and the game′s executive producer Michael Mendheim for their work on this ground-breaking DS title.


GameSpot publishes a hands-on preview of Robocalypse. After playing an alpha version, the review notes the gameplay fundamentals are solid and " looks like this may be the most complete RTS-style game the DS has seen yet."

02/13/2008 gives their first impression having spent time with Robocalypse - "Even in its pre-Alpha state, Robocalypse looks more than ready to hit your DS."

02/13/2008′s preview concentrates on the game″s interface but makes note of its true RTS flavor "Gameplay wise, Robocalypse is your typical RTS: you build factories, create units, and blow crap up."


IGN preview " looks like it may go a long way towards filling the gaping RTS hole on the DS." Check out the article to learn about the storyline, missions, game mechanics, unit types and much more.


IGN interviews the writers of Robocalypse. The game story is authored by SpongeBob screenwriter Jay Lender and his writing partner Micah Wright - "...what we really want is for people to say that they played because they needed to know what happens next... and they wanted to feel something. When you play Robocalypse you WILL feel something."


Robocalypse on the pages of Play Magazine. "You may not know them yet but very soon the name Vogster will bring about warm fuzzy feelings of fresh new IPs for the Xbox 360, PC  and handhelds." Check out the January issue for more.


Robocalypse officially announced! Robocalypse is an innovative real-time strategy game developed specifically for the Nintendo DS™. Featuring robotic armies equipped with unique weaponry, Robocalypse offers deep strategic warfare and a twist of humor.  A technological breakthrough for the Nintendo DS, Robocalypse features over 50 A.I. driven units with advanced distributed path-finding, dynamic music and stunning 3D particle effects.  Supporting these advancements is a hilarious storyline penned by Jay Lender, a writer and director for the acclaimed cartoon series SpongeBob Squarepants™, and Micah Wright, known for his writing contributions across multiple mediums.